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Styling Way to Wear Wide Leg Jeans 

You’ve seen them everywhere. On the runway, in celebrity photos, on the racks at department stores or even demand for textile sourcing. It’s official, wide leg jeans have made a comeback!

If you’ve been searching “how to wear wide leg jeans,” you’ve come to the right place. Along with it we will also let you know from where to source fabric. High-waisted, wide leg denim is great for making you appear taller, slimmer and leaner. And who doesn’t want that? 

Additionally, styling wide leg jeans is actually really easy. A good rule of thumb is to pair your wide leg jeans with a simpler top. Whether you are putting an outfit together for a night out or running errands, wide leg jeans are a closet staple you can wear for multiple occasions. 

When wide jeans suits the most

Wide-legged jeans are universally flattering, in our opinion. As a universally appealing style, wide-legged pants elongate the legs, draw attention to the waist, and highlight the body’s natural contours.

Pick a pair of full-length, wide-leg jeans if your frame is on the shorter side. Your legs will seem to be much longer and your body proportions will be enhanced. You may make your legs seem even longer and more elegant by donning a pair of heels.

Taller women

Wide-leg denim that is cropped is a great option for ladies of all heights. You should go for a pair of jeans that ends just above or at the ankle. Your height will be accentuated with a pair of cropped wide-leg jeans, but you won’t seem much taller than you really are.

Wear a pair of cropped jeans with a heeled sandal or ankle boot and you’ll be prepared for everything the day brings.

Best top to wear

Our number one piece of advice for rocking a pair of wide-legged jeans is to let them stand alone. If you want your jeans to stand out, you should wear a more understated upper half.

Button down shirts 

We love to wear button-down blouses with our favourite pair of wide-leg trousers. Choose a button-down shirt that isn’t too slim or baggy.

Wear it tucked in to emphasise your waist, or out for a more carefree, “I didn’t put much thought into this” vibe. The bottom line is that you will always appear fashionable and put together in your wide-legged jeans.

With tank tops

In search of a method to wear your wide-leg jeans as the weather gets warmer? Feel safe with us.

For a laid-back style, try wearing your wide-leg jeans with a tank top that is a close fit and tucked into the waistband. Looking to dress up for a night out on the town? Try a pair of wedges or block heels to make your legs seem longer.

Cropped jackets 

You’ll be looking for new ways to wear your wide-leg jeans in autumn as summer winds down. If you want to stay warm on cool days without hiding your waist or legs, a cropped jacket is the way to go.

Cropped jackets enable you to experiment with different denim washes while adding textural interest to your ensemble. Find a fitted jacket that falls at or slightly over your natural waistline for the ideal cropped look.

Blue denim looks great with a neutral leather jacket, while black denim looks great with a traditional jean jacket.

Chunky sweater

Combine a chunky or oversized knit sweater with your wide-legged jeans for autumn and winter. Make your waist seem smaller and your legs look longer by tucking in your sweater. As an alternative, you may go for a more relaxed and informal style by leaving the sweater out.

Choose a pair of chic flats or ankle boots to complete the look.

Wide leg crop jeans 

In the autumn, taller ladies might benefit from wearing wide-legged cropped jeans. Wear your wide-legged crops with basic sweaters and overcoats for a timeless layered appearance.

Add some height by wearing ankle-high boots with a heel. Be sure that the overall aesthetic remains neat and unobtrusive. The aim is to spice up the ensemble with a range of textures and forms.

Pairing a crop with a tucked-in sweater and slim ankle boots can help you seem well-rounded while still embracing your curves. In our opinion, a win-win scenario!

Wide leg as formal wear

Struggling to figure out how to take your wide-legged jeans from the weekend to the office? Please allow us to assist you.

Putting on a jacket with your wide-legged jeans will make the ensemble more appropriate for a business casual setting. To maintain an air of refined professionalism, go for a well-tailored black blazer.

You may dress up a pair of black wide-leg jeans and a neutral jacket, such a cream hue, for work. Finish off the ensemble with a pair of heels, and you’ll be ready to face the workday without sacrificing your sense of style.

Wide leg jeans for curvy girls 

Wide-legged jeans are flattering on all figures, but especially feminine ones. However, curvaceous women should always choose full-length, high-waisted wide-leg jeans.

This cut is meant to flatter by accentuating your tiniest waist, elongating your legs, and enhancing your bust. Basically, the perfect description of a pair of jeans.

Wearing a wide-legged, high-waisted, full-length pair of jeans with almost any shirt you own is a no-brainer. We advise opting for a tight bodysuit or figure-hugging top and tucking them in for the most enticing appearance. Block heels will make your legs seem even longer, drawing attention to your shapely legs as you stroll through any space.

Final note

That settles the matter, then! There are many options for how to dress up a pair of wide-legged jeans. I believe it’s fair to say that the wide-legged jean style is here to stay, so if you were on the fence about it, you shouldn’t be anymore.

Keep in mind that your wide-legged jeans are the focus of your ensemble. Neutral, form-fitting clothes will help draw attention to your waist and showcase your contours. Wearing high-heeled shoes, such as pumps, sandals, or boots, will provide the illusion of longer legs.

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