Spring Flowers Drawing

How to Draw Spring Flowers Easily

How to Draw Spring Flowers. Everyone has their favorite season to look forward to throughout the year. Even if you love the chills of winter or the long, sunny days of summer, it’s hard not to appreciate the beauty of spring.

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Then the trees grow beautiful green leaves, and the flowers bloom.

It’s a wonderful time of year for people who love flowers and often enjoy creating beautiful works of art by learning to draw spring flowers.

If you love the joys of spring, then this is a perfect guide for you! This is one that you will want to see through to the end.

How to Draw Spring Flowers

Step 1

We will draw a nice assortment of flowers while we work on this spring flower drawing guide. For this first step, we will draw the outlines of some flowers.

For the two flowers we’re going to draw in this first step, you can draw several long, curved shapes that form around a rounded center for the petals.

Next, we’ll use more curved lines with pointed tips for some of the leaves surrounding them, and there will be a line down the middle of each leaf.

With that, you’re ready to add to this beautiful image in the next step of the tutorial!

Step 2

You’ll add another pretty flower to this spring floral design in this second step.

This will have a similar structure to the first two you drew, but there will be some subtle differences.

First, we draw a circular center for the flower. This is drawn with a slightly jagged line.

So the petals surrounding this center are also drawn with curved lines but have pointed tips instead of being rounded.

Then you can draw some thin leaves popping up with some bigger ones.

That’s all for now, and we can move on to the third step of this guide.

Step 3

You can always have a few flowers, which certainly applies to this design!

For this reason, in this third step of our tutorial on how to draw spring flowers, we will add two more flowers to the lower part.

These next flowers will also look a little different than the previous ones we’ve drawn so far. Both flowers have smooth circular centers, and the petals are large and round.

One flower will be slightly smaller than the other, and we will also surround these flowers with a few more leaves. You are now ready for step 4 of the guide!

Step 4

For this step of your spring flower drawing, we’ll return to where you started as we add some detail to the first two flowers you drew for this arrangement.

You can start by drawing two smooth circles in the center of each of these flowers. Once these have been drawn, you can surround these circular centers with small, jagged lines for extra detail.

After you see it as in our reference image, you are ready for the fifth step of the guide, where we will finalize some final details and elements.

Step 5

It’s almost time for the last step of this spring flower drawing guide, but first, we need to add some finishing touches and details!

Draw Spring Flowers

You also have the option to add some final extra details, but we’ll focus on the details first in this guide.

First, we’ll add some small curved lines to the petals of these flowers to give them extra texture detail. Then you can add a few veined details to each leaf surrounding the flowers.

With that, you are ready for the final step of the guide! Before proceeding, you can also add a few extra details.

These can be other flowers for the arrangement or a fun background.

Step 6

This is the final step of this spring flower design, and now you can add some pretty colors to complete it.

Spring Flowers Drawing

Our sample image shows you a few colors you could use to complement this image.

We used beautiful shades of blue for the first flowers, Concrete fence panels rich purples for the second batch, and bright reds for the last flowers.

While these colors look great and are ones to use, be sure to use other colors that you prefer!

What will you choose to complete your amazing drawing? We can’t wait to see what colors and art mediums you choose!

Your Spring Flowers Drawing is Finished!

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