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Amazing Facts About Life on Earth

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1. The number of people on Earth

The world is home to over seven billion people today. It’s hard to imagine that many people on a small planet.

Each new person strains the natural resources needed to sustain them. This is called overpopulation.

2. The number of countries

It’s often a matter of debate amongst geography enthusiasts as to exactly how many countries are there. This is because the answer depends on where you are looking, what definition of a country you are using and who’s counting.

According to the United Nations there are 195 countries. This number includes 193 UN member states and 2 non-member observer states – Vatican City and Palestine.

3. The number of animals

Whether you’re a marine biologist or just someone who loves to watch animals, one of the most Amazing facts about life on Earth is that there are lots and lots of them.

It’s a challenge for science to provide an accurate count, but now, thanks to new research from a marine ecologist at the University of Hawaii and his colleagues, we know how many unique species inhabit our planet.

4. The number of plants

The number of plants in the world is staggering. They provide us with oxygen, fuel and other essentials.

Plants are a kingdom of life that includes trees, herbs, grasses, vines and ferns. They use photosynthesis to convert water and carbon dioxide into sugars that give us energy.

Scientists have estimated there are 391,000 species of vascular plants, including flowering plants. However, there are many more unknown plants.

5. The number of languages

The number of languages in the world is very high and it’s amazing to think that all these languages are spoken by people around the globe.

In fact, the number of languages in the world is constantly changing and new ones are emerging every day. However, there are also a lot of languages that are in decline and are on their way to extinction.

6. The number of flags

Flags are used to identify countries, but they can also have a lot of meaning. They can represent a country’s history and identity, and many of them have symbols that are unique to each nation.

There are 196 sovereign flags recognized by international standards, with some variations on their design. Here’s a visual breakdown of them all, organized by the main design elements they use–color and pattern.

7. The number of religions

One of the most amazing facts about humanity is the number of religions. Experts estimate that there are thousands of different religions, faiths, beliefs, churches, and denominations in the world.

Researchers and academics generally classify the world’s religions into five major groups: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism. They also include a broad group of Folk/Traditional religions and an unaffiliated category.

8. The number of languages in the Bible

The Bible is a collection of books written by more than forty different people. It contains historical books, law, poetry and wisdom, as well as prophetic writings.

Over time, the Bible has been translated into more than 700 languages. And with the help of portable computers and satellites, translation is now in its fastest ever period of acceleration.

9. The number of languages in the New Testament

There are four major languages in the New Testament: Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and Latin. Each of these languages represents a different culture or ethnicity.

In Jesus’ time, Greek was a popular language in the area around Israel because of the conquests of Alexander the Great. Some of the New Testament writers wrote in koine (common) Greek, which meant that they wrote in the common parlance of their time.

10. The number of people in heaven

Heaven is the abode of the Triune God, where He rules over a universe of heavenly creatures and angels.

Christians believe that heaven is a place where people who have trusted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will spend eternity. However, not all who die will make it to heaven.

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