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10 Common Hair Myths That Are Ruining Your Hair

In this modern day and age, we all tend to believe in the immense resources that the internet has to offer us. Usually, we find ourselves googling facts about hair and also information on other topics. Most times, we also end up consulting our friends and family for hair-related queries. We gather information from all sources rather than going to a proper doctor. With different sources, we get different types of information. There is an innumerable amount of information that can mislead us and make us believe in what is not true. In this article, we shall throw some light on what is a hair myth and what is a hair fact. Oftentimes when we end up believing in hair myths, we also end up damaging our hair by being reckless and careless. Searching for a hair specialist in Mumbai will not help, but understanding these myths will do.

Here are some of the hair myths that can lead us to damage our hair.

1. A hundred strokes with a hairbrush daily is necessary

It is completely and utterly false. Brushing your hair causes friction. Hence, overdoing it can cause damage to your hair. It can especially cause a good amount of damage to the thinner and weaker hair. When brushing the hair, it is supposed to be done gently. Only a few strokes of the brush can help spread the natural oils present in the scalp. When the hair is gently brushed from the roots to the tips, these natural oils will evenly spread throughout. Brushing the hair gently also helps in increasing the circulation of blood in the scalp. However, brushing the hair is supposed to be done with brushes that have natural bristles. Synthetic bristles or bristles of such sort can damage the hair. When the bristles are bent or broken, it is best not to use them on the hair. It is of utmost importance that the hair must not be over-brushed.

2. Stress can cause the greying of hair

Stress does not cause or accelerate the greying of hair at all. However, it can cause hair loss in the long run. Greying of hair is caused when the cells do not produce melanin that gives color to the hair. Hormonal changes, side effects of medications, and different types of illnesses can also cause the greying of hair follicles. So it is completely untrue that stress causes the greying of hair.

3. Using the same shampoo and conditioner is a necessity

It is absolutely and utterly wrong to think so. First of all, you must determine your hair type, your hair texture, and your quality. Different types of hair need different kinds of shampoos and conditioners. You could have multiple reasons why you need to change your shampoo and conditioner. When you color, straighten, or perm your hair, you need different kinds of shampoos and conditioners to maintain them. If you have started using different products on your hair or if the weather has changed then again you can use different shampoos and conditioners. Even your hair washing routine and conditioning routine (which could include the frequency) can be a reason to change your shampoo and conditioner.

4. Ponytails, braids, dreadlocks, turbans, etc are okay for you on a daily basis

When you exert pressure on your hair, it can gradually cause Traction Alopecia. It is not a healthy habit to tie, braid, etc your hair in a tight manner every day. Instead, you can let it loose and also opt for loose ponytails. This will prevent hair loss due to traction alopecia.

5. When you wash your hair with cold water, it will make your hair shiny

It doesn’t matter whether you use hot water or cold water while rinsing your hair. Instead, opting for a good conditioner and shampoo can help tons in making the hair shiny and clean. Extremely hot water is unhealthy for the hair. One can also go in for different hair treatments that do not use harsh chemicals to keep the hair healthy and shiny.

6. Cutting or trimming/shaving your hair makes the hair grow longer, thicker, and faster

The hair will grow at its own speed regardless of whatever you do to it. Cutting, trimming, or shaving your hair will not make hair grow faster, thicker, or stronger. It will definitely not make your hair grow longer.

7. Avoid shampooing every day or using dry shampoos frequently

You should shampoo your hair almost every day as your scalp is a magnet for dead skin cells. Avoiding shampooing the hair for a longer period of hair can cause dirt accumulation and hair damage. It can also cause scalp irritation. Using dry shampoos every day can cause further accumulation of residue which can be extremely harmful to the hair.

8. Coloring your hair is good on dirty hair

Color sticks are best to clean hair. You should always shampoo your hair and let it dry thoroughly prior to coloring the hair. Dirty hair does not allow hair colors to develop properly.

9. Every white flake on your scalp is dandruff

It is not so. You can have multiple reasons for having white flakes on your scalp. It could be due to the residue of styling products, dry scalp, scalp allergies, etc. Dandruff is usually yellowish and the scalp is also oily. It is important to know the difference between the two for a proper treatment.

10. One shouldn’t apply conditioner on thinner hair

In fact, one should always use conditioners to make hair healthy. Leave-in conditioners can be very helpful for thinner hair. It can moisturize and relax the hair follicles. Even hair specialists in Mumbai suggest the same.

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